We need you (grads and undergrads) on the day-of-the-event to chat face-to-face with our aspiring young scholars (high- and middle-school students) and their parents! Tell them what it’s like to be a graduate or undergraduate students; let them step into your shoes! How did you get to where you are? Share your passions and experiences while learning about Science and outreach. Find out what great things the Open Labs team is up to, contribute your own ideas, and make them happen with the support of Open Labs!

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E-mail with questions, or to request to attend an executive board meeting.

Financial Support

Your financial support is greatly appreciated, and helps to fund all the amazing work we do as an organization:

Support our youth: Your contributions will directly help support the journey of young kids and scholar from all backgrounds on their path to growth and joy in science.
Support our community: Your financial support directly help make community events happen. These bring in hundreds of parents, kids, and families. We have reached thousands of folks all across the North-East since 2012. Help us go beyond, from excellent to outstanding!
Support STEM: Help us train the next generation of STEM stars and leaders. Help us inspire and propel them on a path that will be remembered.

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