Science Haven

  • Robotic arm at New Haven Youth Day
  • Robotic arm at New Haven Youth Day
  • Angular Momentum at Science Cafe
  • Strawberry DNA extraction at Science Cafe
  • Exploring virtual reality at Science Cafe!

Science Haven is a group that works to bring engaging science activities to neighborhood events. Through partnering with community leaders it aims to

  1. bring science demonstrations to all the neighborhoods in New Haven
  2. increase awareness of STEM careers and opportunities among children and
  3. make science fun!

Formed as a collaboration between Yale Open Labs and Yale Science Diplomats, Science Haven serves as a conduit for graduate students to get involved in their communities. 

We are a group of Yale researchers who are passionate about science and love sharing it with others. We believe science can be fun and exciting for everyone! That is why we have put together a set of interactive demonstration based science lessons that cover a broad range of science disciplines. Our goal is to bring these demos to public schools in the New Haven area and show students how fun science can be!